Buying A Yamaha Piano In Middle Tennessee

When buying a Yamaha piano, you should work with a seller who has years of experience in the music business, like Miller Piano Specialists.

Ross Miller February 11, 2016 2 Min Read

With over forty years of experience in the music industry, Miller Piano Specialists is one of the premiere locations for purchasing musical instruments in Middle Tennessee. Owned by Ross Miller and his wife, Sylvia, the company features a family-run dynamic that fosters strong relationships with customers across the area who are buying a Yamaha piano.

As one of the three piano dealers in Middle Tennessee, Miller Piano Specialists is the only local place to purchase a Yamaha Piano. From Cookeville to Clarksville, from the Tennessee River to the Alabama State Line, musicians from near and far travel to Nashville to purchase their Yamaha instruments from Ross, Sylvia and their well trained staff of professional musicians.

Comprising sixty to seventy percent of the total musical instrument market, Yamaha has a longstanding reputation as the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. The company dedicates itself to focusing on music education and the advancement of products, spending a great amount of their resources on the research and development of the evolving industry.

At Miller Piano Specialists, we offer a complete line of both traditional acoustic and digital pianos that offer advanced technological integration. These items have the capacity to communicate online with a diverse array of applications, aiding musicians in their music notation, layering sounds, and multi-track recording. The breadth of the creative marriage and innovation between music and technology continues to be led by the Yamaha brand.

With such an extensive library of instruments to choose from at Miller Piano Specialists in Middle Tennessee, we offer a piano to suit any type of player. Each manufacturer makes a wide variety of instruments. They have an awareness that different levels of size and types of production will cater to a selection of needs. Our entry-level pianos are extremely affordable and a great tool to teach proper piano technique, whereas our intermediate instruments feature a more technically responsive action and a greater control in sound response.

For professional pianists, we offer the Yamaha CFX Series including the nationally famous Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, the most frequently used piano for professional recordings inside Nashville’s elite and historic studios. This specific model and size of acoustic grand piano has been met with such positive reception due to its clean and crisp quality; musicians find it easy to switch between multiple Yamaha C7 pianos because they know the consistency of sound and feedback to expect.

At Miller Piano Specialists, we sell pianos to a diverse range of players, from entry-level instrumentalists to professionals, as well as many schools and institutions. Give us a call today to find out more about purchasing one of our pianos.

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