4 Reasons Why You Should Learn The Piano

Have you ever watched someone play the piano and wonder how they do it so easily? Let's take a look at 4 reasons why you should learn the Piano:

Miller Piano Specialists July 7, 2020 2 Min Read

Have you ever watched someone play the piano or an instrument and wonder how they do it so easily? It can be intimidating learning a new instrument, especially the famous Piano. If you’ve ever found yourself hesitant to learn the Piano, here are 4 reasons you should learn the Piano:

It Sharpens Your Brain

Did you know that there is a difference between musicians and non-musician’s brains? Just recently, neuroscientists have been able to monitor people’s brains in real-time by connecting them to a machine that lights up each area of the brain responsible for each activity. When a musician plays their instrument, multiple parts of the brain that are engaged and can tend to look like fireworks going off. Doing regular activities like talking will only use a small part of the left or right side of your brain. So when you’re playing an instrument, both sides of your brain are being used and being strengthened.

Check out this video on how playing an instrument can make you a genius: 

It Makes You Smarter

Many studies done have shown that there is a correlation between academic success and musical ability in both children and adults. As we know, playing an instrument like the piano can stimulate the brain and improve your memory and reasoning skills, which improves academics. Learning to play an instrument like the piano can also enhance literary skills, verbal memory, and so much more according to researchers.

It Makes You More Creative

Have you ever had a hard time being creative? The only way to be creative is by practicing being creative. When learning or practicing an instrument, your brain is exercising its artistic side. The more you do it, the more flexible your mind and creativeness will become. When learning a new piece or song, make sure to put your twist and personality into it. Every song has its feel, so look for what emotion and feeling you want to exude in your piece of music that represents you well.

Helps With Discipline and Time Management

Learning the Piano won’t be mastered overnight, but it can be done with discipline and dedication. Although it’s not always going to be easy, learning the Piano will increase your discipline and time management skills. Make sure that before you start, you prepare yourself to give it your best!


We hope you enjoyed reading 4 reasons why you should learn the Piano. There are endless benefits of learning the piano, so go ahead and take that leap!

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