SOLD – Used Yamaha P600QA – “Lucy” Made in USA

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Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 2 Min Read

SOLD: Meet Lucy, a Yamaha P600QA

Come visit Lucy, a Yamaha P600 in the Queen Anne style. The light cherry finish is nearly flawless on this much loved, used piano. American made in Thomaston, Georgia, in 2004, she has had just one owner, was immaculately cared for and recently tuned.

Lucy’s story:

In the heart of Franklin, Tennessee, a meticulously crafted American-made piano stands as a testament to the artistry and tradition of piano craftsmanship. This Queen Ann beauty, resplendent in her light cherry finish, has witnessed the passage of time and melodies within the walls of a cozy home. Her keys have echoed with the sweet sounds of novice tunes and the heartfelt melodies of a young daughter’s musical journey.

For years, she served as the focal point of the family’s living room, her warm tones filling the air as the daughter diligently practiced and honed her skills. Each note, a chapter in the daughter’s musical story, resonates with the love and dedication poured into her playful sessions.

The daughter, having blossomed into an accomplished pianist under Lucy’s keys, took her passion to new heights in the halls of academia. Lucy stood silent, patiently waiting for her next chapter and wondered where her legacy would continue.

Eager to share her rich history and the countless hours of practice that have shaped her character, the Queen Ann piano dreams of becoming the centerpiece in another household. She awaits a new pianist, one who can appreciate the resonance of accomplishment and the joy of creating music that she experienced during her time with the talented daughter. Lucy yearns for a home where her keys will once again come alive, echoing the harmonious journey that began 20 years ago.

Lucy’s Name:

Lucy is named for the British pianist and teacher Lucy (Philpot) Anderson (1797-1878) She was the first female pianist to perform with the Royal Philharmonic Society and became an honorary member. She was the piano teacher of Queen Victoria and her children.

Yamaha Logo on a Cherry P600QA
Lucy – a Yamaha P600QA

Yamaha P600QA Leg

Yamaha P600QA view from right

Yamaha P600QA Music Desk - burled wood Yamaha P600QA view from left

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