Should Singers Know How To Play the Piano?

Are you a singer that doesn't know how to play the piano? In this article, we'll go over how piano can benefit you as a singer:

Miller Piano Specialists December 9, 2022 2 Min Read

Are you a singer that doesn’t know how to play the piano? You’re probably reading this because you’re wondering if playing the piano as a singer is important or beneficial. The short and sweet answer is yes, singers need to learn piano. So, why should singers know how to play the piano? In this article, we’ll go over how playing the piano can benefit you as a singer:

Piano Helps Vocalists Stay on Key

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The piano serves as a visual layout of your voice, so sitting down in front of a piano and working those 88 keys can open up a world of possibilities for your vocal growth. 

Let’s say you’re trying to practice your vocals with your favorite song. Is it better to sing along with a karaoke song or accompany yourself on the piano? Singing along to a karaoke song can be fun, but it is not ideal for a vocalist that wants to grow. And here’s why:

Playing the piano while singing strengthens the ear and lays a foundation for varying melodic choices, including working on embellishments like riffs and runs. The piano can help figure out vocal parts using ear and chord knowledge.

You Can Communicate With Other Musicians 

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Whether you’re a solo singer or have a band, you will likely have to communicate with other musicians at some point. When you’re performing or rehearsing with other musicians, expressing your thoughts or ideas for a song is essential. Playing the piano can give you more credibility as a vocalist and help you learn a song’s rhythm, tone, tempo, and feel. 

As a performer, you usually need to learn to be adaptable to perform alongside other vocalists or musicians. Sometimes, not knowing what you’re talking about to the band can intimidate you. Avoid this feeling and step into confidence by learning simple scales on the piano. Another very important thing to learn as a vocalist is the Nashville Number System, the universal language for musicians.

Watch this short video on the Nashville Number System:

Warmup and Workout Your Voice  

Use the piano if one is available to practice your exercises and sing. A piano is a helpful tool for training and warming up the voice at home and backstage. Knowing your way around the piano makes adapting to any workout on the fly easier.


So, should singers know how to play the piano? Playing the piano while singing can open many possibilities up for you and your growth. Try it, and see what happens! 

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