“Zoe” USA Built Everett Piano – Model 7082 in Walnut

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Artist rendition of Everett PianoMeet Zoe – A USA built Everett (by Yamaha) Piano

Zoe is a USA built piano, manufactured in South Haven, MI by the Everett Piano company, owned at the time of manufacture by Yamaha. Zoe is a one-owner, 43” console piano in a warm walnut hue. She’s been meticulously maintained and well loved. This Everett model 7082 has completed our full inspection, is fully prepped and tuned, and ready for a new forever home. Zoe will come with a one-year store warranty, and the Miller Piano Specialists lifetime trade-up program, along with an additional in-home tuning.

Read Zoe’s Story

Once upon a time, in a quaint town nestled among rolling hills and lush forests, there stood a piano named Zoe. Zoe wasn’t just any piano; she was a gift from a devoted husband to his wife on their first wedding anniversary. Placed in the corner of their cozy living room, Zoe became more than just an instrument — she became part of the family.

From the moment Zoe entered their home, there was an instant connection between her and the couple. As Zoe’s keys were gently caressed by the wife’s fingers for the first time, it was as if they had always been meant to make music together. As the years passed, and the family grew, Zoe became an integral part of their daily life. She witnessed their laughter, their tears, and their moments of quiet reflection. Her melodies echoed the rhythm of their love, weaving themselves into the fabric of their shared memories. But Zoe’s bond with the family went beyond just music. She became a silent confidante, listening intently as they shared their hopes, dreams, and fears. Her presence in their home brought them closer together, strengthening the foundation of their love with each passing day.

Children now grown, and a 50th wedding anniversary approaching, Zoe felt that change was on the horizon. The husband desired to mark this milestone with a new grand gesture. Daughter in town, who had learned to play piano on Zoe as a child and now an adult, stood by her parents as a new piano, shiny and bright, was selected. She understood the significance of this moment, bridging the past with the future, honoring the memories created around Zoe. As for Zoe, she understood that it meant her time in their home was drawing to a close. And though she understood the husband’s intentions, Zoe couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness at the thought of leaving the family  who had become so dear to her.

On the day of their anniversary, as the husband and wife stood before her, Zoe felt a swell of emotion. knowing she was being asked to step aside for something new. As the new piano was delivered, Zoe knew that her legacy would live on in the music they created together. As the wife sat down to play the first notes on their new piano in their home, tears filled her eyes as she whispered a silent thank you to Zoe for the years of music, memories, and love they had shared. As Zoe watched the husband and wife’s hands intertwine, she felt a sense of peace wash over her, and she understood that her bond with the couple was not defined by the keys she played or the melodies she sang, but by the love that had flourished in her presence.

Though her time with the couple had come to an end, she knew that her journey was far from over. With a heart full of memories and a melody of hope in her keys, Zoe whispered a silent farewell to the home she had known and loved. As she was carefully transported from the living room she had graced for so many years, Zoe looked ahead to the future with anticipation and a hope that she would find a new home where her melodies could continue to resonate, inspiring a new family to the cherished life that included melodic sounds of love and joy.

Zoe’s Name

Zoe’s name was selected by the former owner. It has special meaning to her, though the emotion of the name was evident that we shouldn’t dig deeper into its origin.

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