** SOLD**Samick SG185 in Polished Red Mahogany

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I’m Zepplin, an amazingly built Samick piano with a rich, clear tone. I’m 185cm long and my finish is polished red mahogany. Born in the early 1990’s, my construction was completed at the pinnacle of Korean piano manufacturing. My action is fast and I have a lot of musical life left. If you’re full of pizzaz, and want a piano that reflects that energy and lifestyle, I might be the best value at Miller Piano Specialists right now. Come play me and let’s see if I’m the piano of your dreams.

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I’m Zeppelin, a piano with a personality as vibrant as my polished red mahogany finish. At 185cm long, I am an impeccably crafted Samick piano born in the early 1990s, a testament to the pinnacle of Korean piano manufacturing. My construction was completed with precision, resulting in an instrument that exudes both elegance and a rich, clear tone.

Having weathered the years with grace, I find myself at Miller Piano Specialists, awaiting a kindred spirit who appreciates not just a piano but a musical companion full of zest. My action is fast, a testament to the craftsmanship that defines me. I carry the energy of the ’90s, a decade that resonates with timeless melodies and unforgettable tunes.

If you’re seeking a piano that mirrors your enthusiasm and lifestyle, I might just be the perfect match. Come, let your fingers dance across my keys, and let the music we create together be the soundtrack to your dreams. I’m not just a piano; I’m Zeppelin, ready to fill your space with the magic of music. Visit Miller Piano Specialists, play me, and let’s discover if I’m the piano you’ve been dreaming of.

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