Lack of Motivation As A Piano Player

Every musician has been there before – feeling unmotivated. Here's how to overcome your lack of motivation as a piano player:

Miller Piano Specialists March 6, 2022 2 Min Read

Every musician has been there before – feeling unmotivated to practice their instrument. The first thing to realize if you feel this way is that it’s okay. Lack of motivation for your instrument can stem from stress in your personal life, your job, and many other things. Today, we’re going to talk about how to overcome your lack of motivation as a piano player:

You Won’t Always Want To Practice

When you first start something, it’s natural to feel ambitious. You promise yourself that you’ll practice for an hour every day, and you start fantasizing about being a piano maestro!

However, it is critical to be realistic. You’re a person. You’ll have days when you don’t feel like practicing. As a result, it is beneficial to plan ahead of time for specific situations. Learn to anticipate them. If you treat yourself like a human with imperfections rather than a superhuman with infinite drive, you’ll be friendlier to yourself.

Know Your “Why”

When you’re feeling disheartened to play the piano, remember why you learned how to play it in the first place:

  • You witnessed an incredible performance by a pianist once, and they inspired you.
  • You’re in love with an artist, and you’d like to play their pieces with ease, any time you want.
  • Music is something special that you share with an essential person in your life
  • You want the health benefits of having music in your life

See Value in Technique 

Now, most people don’t want to play piano for the sake of technique. It’s dull, monotonous, and aggravating at times. But believe us when we say that practicing scales, chords, and arpeggios will make you a better player. You’ll be able to play faster, smoother, and more effectively, which will encourage you to play more!

If the thought of practicing scales feels dull, try these:

  • Focus on just one key or one technique a day, and don’t spend too much time on it. Just make sure you do it!
  • Practice scales, chords, and arpeggios in whatever key the song(s) you’re working on are in.
  • Make your technique practice song-like. 

Find The Time

A five-minute practice session may not seem like much, but it does! It only takes five minutes a day to make a difference, and everyone has five minutes to spare. Practicing for five minutes every day is preferable to practicing for an hour now and again. So, skip social media the next time you have five minutes to spare. Instead, think to yourself, “Can I squeeze in five minutes of the piano?”


In conclusion, we hope we helped you learn how to overcome lack of motivation as a piano player! Our wish is that you continue forward in the beautiful journey of piano playing, because there’s nothing like it.

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