How Can I Get Over Stage Fright?

Stage fear can be a difficult barrier for musicians to overcome before they can perform. So, how can I get over stage fright?

Miller Piano Specialists March 18, 2022 3 Min Read

Stage fear can be a difficult barrier for musicians to overcome before performing. If you struggle with stress and anxiety before gigs and performances, it can cause studying, growing, and appreciating performing music extremely difficult. So, how can I get over stage fright?

Understand Why You’re Nervous

Learning to UNDERSTAND why you’re nervous should be your first step in overcoming it. Nervousness or anxiety is essentially a physiological reaction to a stressful situation. That means you can feel it in your body, which can impact your thoughts, actions, and moods without you even realizing it. How are you going to get around this? A great to do this is to run or stroll outside, go to the gym, or even perform a few jumping jacks if necessary. Anything that helps your body feel better will make your mind feel better as well!

Be Okay With Feeling Uncomfortable

Man playing piano on stage Be okay with the feeling uncomfortable when performing. You’ll never be completely free of anxiousness or worry. Instead, you can alter your perception of it and how you react to it. Instead of avoiding anxiety, embrace it. This is a little-known method that many outstanding performers employ: learning to harness their stage terror and utilize it to their advantage. Suppose you can learn to stay grounded and use breathing methods. In that case, you can ride the adrenaline rush that you would ordinarily associate with terrible anxiety and turn it into a kind of adrenaline rush.

Remember To Breathe

Breathing is an essential process. We’ve all done it since the beginning, yet it’s one of the first things we forget to do when we’re scared. You are boosting your body’s parasympathetic response system by changing your breathing rate and pattern. The parasympathetic nervous system calms you down and prevents your body from becoming too stimulated by adrenaline. So go ahead and inhale deeply right now. It feels great, and you may do it at any moment!


This should go without saying, but preparation helps with overthinking before a big performance. Just remember to be ready! That means you should have all of your music prepared to the point where you can comfortably play without making any errors. Being prepared, of course, entails more than just knowing all of your songs by heart. It also entails understanding everything there is to learn to feel at ease while playing. If you’re performing at an event, be sure you know where you’ll be playing and what you’ll need. Nothing is more frustrating than turning up to a gig and discovering that you don’t have the necessary equipment or have no idea where to set up or who is in control of the event.

Your Audience Wants To See You Succeed

hands in the air with hearts One of the most honorable things a person can do is get up on stage and show the world who they are. Just remember that you’re up there because you’re brave, and 99.9% of the people in the audience will respect your bravery. So those are some of the strategies I’ve employed to overcome stage fright. It is not necessary to be afraid of displaying your abilities. Sharing music can be an excellent way to show the world who you are, so get out there and start playing. And don’t be afraid to flaunt your talent!


We hope we gave you some helpful advice on how to get over stage fright! If you want to purchase your dream piano, come check us out at Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, TN. If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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