SOLD – Genevieve – A Lovely 5′ George Steck Baby Grand with PianoDisc Plus Player System

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Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 2 Min Read

**SOLD** George Steck GS52F – Genevieve

Come see the lovely Genevieve! This George Steck 5 foot grand piano with a PianoDisc Plus player system and art deco brass inlay is the bee’s knees. She won’t be around long.

Genevieve’s Story

In the heart of one of the most extravagant mansions in town, there stood Genevieve, a grand player piano. With her walnut, French provincial finish and shiny keys, she was the centerpiece of lavish soirées and extravagant gatherings that unfolded within the mansion’s walls. Genevieve had witnessed glitz and glamour and the clinking of champagne glasses, and echoed with the melodies of jazz, the laughter of socialites, and the lively conversations that filled the air.

As the years rolled by, the mistress of the extravagant mansion found herself growing weary of the constant whirlwind of social events. The allure of opulence had dimmed, and the mansion echoed with the quiet emptiness of unfulfilled indulgence.

Recognizing that Genevieve no longer fit into her newfound desire for a quieter life, the owner decided to entrust her to a close friend. This friend, a true music lover with an appreciation for Genevieve’s melodies, was given the task of finding a new home where she could be cherished once again.

Genevieve, now in the care of her music-loving custodian, is embarking on a journey of rediscovery. The friend, understanding the piano’s longing for a purpose that transcends the glitz of the past, carefully seeks out a fitting home where she can regain her voice, playing tunes that echo with nostalgia and breathing life into moments of shared laughter, quiet evenings and celebrations. 

The mansion, once the stage for extravagant parties, has faded into memory and Genevieve and her steward continue their search for a place where her melodies can resonate with authenticity and love. In this way, Genevieve’s journey continues, seeking to become a cherished part of a new chapter in the story of music and life.

Genevieve’s Name

Genevieve’s name is derived from the name Ginevra, the first love of F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote “The Great Gatsby”, and is said to be the inspiration for the story’s main female character.

George Steck GS52F View from front

Art Deco Emblem in Brass on George Steck GS52F Piano

French Leg on Bench for George Steck model GS52F GS-52F George Steck Piano Plate and Strings

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