Falcone FG87D 6′ Grand in Brown Mahogany and Bubinga – Melodious “Moody”

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Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 2 Min Read

Falcone FG87D Named Moody

Introducing the melodious Moody – a beautiful 15 year-old, 6 foot Falcone grand piano with crisp, clear tones and a projecting bass. The brown polished mahogany finish with a beautiful bubinga treatment on the fallboard and inner rim is a striking look. Falcone is a name not familiar to all, but to those who know it, it has a well deserved reputation. 

Moody’s Story

In a small town in Kentucky, there stood a community church with a history rich in word and melodious music. At the heart of the church  was Moody, a magnificent piano, a grand instrument adorned in the warm hues of brown mahogany with exquisite bubinga wood accents. Moody had witnessed the joyous hymns, tearful prayers, and the harmonious gatherings of the faithful.

Moody  had been played for years by talented musicians who poured their hearts into his keys. He had a soul, they said, and his music resonated with the spirits of those who sought solace within the church walls.

However, as time went by, the demands of modernity led the church to undergo renovations. The stalwart grand was replaced by a new, digital instrument, capable of recording, projecting and traveling.  Moody, once the center of attention, was carefully wrapped and placed into storage for two years,  his melody confined to the memories of the faithful who recalled his moving tunes that once filled the sacred space.

As the dust settled and the echoes of construction faded, the owner of a long standing piano store arrived to see the piano. The blankets were carefully removed, exposing Moody’s timeless look and gorgeous cabinetry. His keys, when played by the hands of the musically talented proprietor, filled the storeroom with lovely strains. 

Members of the congregation watched joyfully as Moody was carefully re-wrapped and loaded into a trailer bound for Tennessee, grateful to know that he would soon find a new home, one where he could continue to inspire and bring joy.  

Moody is inspired to add creativity and elegance to a new venue, be it church, home or otherwise. His sonic resonance is ready for even the most discerning hands and ears.

Moody’s Name

The name Moody was inspired by the piano’s history, and after Dwight Moody, an evangelist in the 1800’s who has been credited as “the architect” of the worship music we now call gospel. 

Falcone FG87D in Brown Mahogany with Buginga Inner Rim and Inner FalboardPiano Soundboard and Bubinga Inner Rim view on 6' Falcone GrandFalcone logo in piano soundboard Falcone Piano Logo


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