Travis Mitchell November 30, 2016 1 Min Read

PLEASE REMEMBER…..when you are comparing pianos…..make sure you are NOT COMPARING APPLES TO ORANGES. They are both round, they both taste good, they are both fruit…..BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND GIVE YOU DIFFERENT TASTE.

Pianos are no different. You must compare the same size, the quality, the manufacture, the company selling the piano, touch and sound, and how it MAKES YOU FEEL. If you are looking at digital, they may both be digital, brown, have apps, but WILL THEY DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU? If you are looking at Grands, they may be polished ebony, and 5′, but are the insides the same in building?

…..DON’T BUY an apple, if you really WANT AN ORANGE!

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