Back to School: Setting the Rhythm

Back to school in Nashville? Discover how piano lessons complement academics, fostering discipline and cognitive growth in kids.

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Miller Piano Specialists September 18, 2023 3 Min Read

Ah, the sound of turning pages, the smell of fresh stationery, and the lively atmosphere of a new academic year in Middle TN. As students in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and neighboring areas return to school, there is an exhilarating energy in the air. Have you thought about adding a harmonious touch to this energy? Welcome to the world of piano. Discover how in this first post of our “Keys to a Child’s Heart: The Timeless Gift of Music” series.

How Music Complements Academic Pursuits

It’s no secret that music forms an integral part of our culture here in Nashville. But beyond the soulful tunes and iconic performances, music – especially learning the piano – plays a pivotal role in a child’s academic journey. Think of it as a harmonious blend of art and academics. As students juggle math problems and history lessons, the piano offers a serene escape, yet one that complements their academic endeavors.

In cities like Nashville and Franklin, where music is deeply ingrained in the community, integrating piano lessons with schoolwork isn’t just a hobby; it’s a holistic approach to education.

The Cognitive Benefits of Learning the Piano

Research has consistently shown that children who learn musical instruments, particularly the piano, experience enhanced cognitive development. They exhibit better memory retention, heightened spatial-temporal skills, improved mathematical abilities, and enhanced attention skills.

But it’s not just about scores and grades. The piano teaches children to think creatively, interpret abstract ideas, and approach problems with a unique perspective. As they navigate the keys and read sheet music, they’re simultaneously strengthening their neural connections, making them more adept at processing information.

Child practicing piano

Fostering Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance

Every parent knows the challenge of teaching children patience and discipline. In our fast-paced world, these virtues can be hard to instill. The piano emerges as a gentle teacher in this regard.

Mastering a piece of music isn’t an overnight achievement. It requires hours of effort, understanding nuances, correcting mistakes, and, above all, persevering. As children dedicate themselves to the piano, they learn the invaluable lesson of patience. They understand that true skill is a culmination of consistent effort and time.

Furthermore, the discipline acquired from setting aside dedicated play hours, balancing schoolwork, and piano lessons is a skill that translates to various other aspects of life, be it sports, academics, or personal projects.


As the new school year continues in Nashville and surrounding regions, consider introducing your child to the enriching world of piano. Let it not just be another activity but a journey of growth, learning, harmony, and FUN. Music is, after all, entertainment, and as we get those endorphins pumping we’ll be motivated to do it more. The more we do it, the better we become, and the more enjoyable it becomes. This serves as the perfect motivation to keep moving forward on that journey.

Considering purchasing a piano for your child? Our Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect New or Used Piano in Nashville is your go-to resource. If you have queries or need insights on securing the ideal piano at a great price, we’re just a call away at 615-771-0020. From 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday, we’re here, eager to guide you.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our “Keys to a Child’s Heart: The Timeless Gift of Music” series, where we explore the deeper connections between family, emotions, and the timeless piano.


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