Music Education and Your Child

Music education is an important part of the development for any child. Piano lessons can speed that music education. Read on to learn how.

Ross Miller March 7, 2016 2 Min Read

At Miller Piano Specialists, one thing we are extremely passionate about is music education for children. Multiple studies have shown that there are an almost unending number of benefits and positive effects that manifest in a child’s life who is encouraged to learn one or more instruments and participate in group musical activities such as school band. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Intellectual Skills

Important skills like memorization, concentration, rhythm, and more can all be cultivated by encouraging children to learn an instrument. Small children especially respond well to music as an avenue of learning, and can exceed at musical endeavors at a very early age.

Social Skills

When children get slightly older, encouraging them to play in a school or recreational band can be a great way to teach them collaboration, teamwork, sharing, and creativity. School band is a great place to start, but in most towns there are usually other recreational music activities available for kids to participate in.

Emotional Skills

Learning a musical instrument and learning to play it well requires patience, discipline, creativity, and dedication. It can be difficult to get over the initial learning curve, but once a child achieves a reasonable degree of proficiency with an instrument, they unlock a wealth of stress management and self-care skills that will literally last a lifetime. Adults and children alike find comfort, stress relief, and the catharsis of self-expression in learning to play an instrument.

These are just a few of the reasons to encourage your child to learn and play an instrument, but there are many more! Studies on adults have even shown that learning an instrument and playing it regularly can result in a reduction in blood pressure, relief of certain symptoms of depression, and more.

No matter what, when you allow and encourage your child to learn a musical instrument, you are setting them up for a lifetime of success and a plethora of skills that will serve them not just while playing their instrument, but throughout the rest of their life.

At Miller Piano Specialists, we can help you select the perfect piano for your child to start learning. For more information, visit our shop anytime or call (615) 771-0020. Visit our home page to learn more about Miller Piano Specialists.

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