Used Pianos

Baldwin console used “new arrival”

I have just arrived at Miller Piano Specialists! I am a full 42″ console in a beautiful walnut finish! I have been well cared for and was born around ’72. I have an excellent price and looking for a new home. Please contact a specialists today for an appointment to […]



Feature “used” piano of the week- Kimball la petite grand

I am 4’7″ long and that is why my name is “la petite”…made by Kimball. I have been well cared for and my owner traded me for a player system piano. I am in a beautiful polished ebony finish and one of the Miller Piano Staff would love to set […]



Used Kawai 48″ studio piano – SOLD

Hello! I just arrived at Miller Piano and my name is Steve “Kawai”. (customers have requested first names!) I am 48″ tall and I was made in Japan. I am finished out in a polished ebony and in good condition. I am approximately 20 years old and ready for a […]



Wyman Baby Grand

Hi! My name is Lucy “Wyman”. I am a baby grand piano in a beautiful Polished Mahogany. I am approximately 8 years old and have a lot of life left in me! Please make an appointment with one of the Miller Piano Specialists to give me a try. I won’t […]



Kohler and Campbell Spinet

I just arrived and my name is Jeannette “Kohler and Campbell”. I am a spinet piano measuring 37″ in height. I am in a cherry cabinet and was previously owned by a local teacher. I was traded for a grand piano so I am available to make someone else happy. […]



Wm. Knabe…beautiful wood finish!

Hello! I am Wm. Knabe and I am an older instrument, but very well built. I was traded for a new digital piano and I need a new home. I am in a beautiful mahogany cabinet and have some fancy detail work in my cabinet. I play well….I have been […]



Kohler and Campbell – 45″ studeo – SOLD

Just arriving in….I am Betty Jean “Kohler and Campbell”….I am only 2 years old and wearing a beautiful mahogany finish…..my owners took extremely good care of me! I was traded for a really big grand, and that is why I am here looking for a new home….I am a 45″ […]



New Arrival – Young Chang Grand Piano

I am a 1996 Young Chang “Tom” is my first name. I am a g185…6’1″ in length and I am in polished ebony. My owners wanted something smaller so I got traded in. I am a very nice piano with a lot of life left in me…..call a specialists to […]



Everett Console – SOLD

I just arrived this week on a trade….I am older, but in very good condition…I am a full size console in a pretty Walnut finish. My action plays well and I am looking for a new home! I was made by the Everett company. Mr. Everett….can’t wait for you to […]



Kimball LaPetit Grand – 4’7″

I am 4’7″ long and that is why my name is “la petite”…made by Kimball. I have been well cared for and my owner traded me for a player system piano. I am in a beautiful polished ebony finish and one of the staff of Miller Piano would love set […]



Kawai 43″ console – satin black – SOLD

I am looking for a new home! I am from 1996 and my family traded me for a grand. I am a great starter piano in satin ebony….Please call a representative of Miller Piano for more of my details or to schedule a look at me!….Mrs. Kawai



Used Ridgewood Studio Piano – SOLD

Hello! I have just arrived on consignment and I am a really good starter piano! I am a Ridgewood and I was made by Young Chang and distributed by the Weber Company. I am only 10 years old, so there is a lot of life left in me. I stand […]



Used Claude P. Street Studio Piano

Hello….I have a name well known in the Nashville Area! I was made for Claude P. Street Music Company. I am a 45″ studio in a beautiful polished ebony finish. I am a great starter piano and waiting for you to give me a try! Call one of our specialists […]



Welte Baby Grand – “SOLD”

I am a Welte Baby Grand from New York. I was traded by my owner for a Lowrey organ. I am older, but have had some cosmetic work done so I am beautiful and play very well! Come try me out! I need a new home. Ms. Welte



Used Bergmann Studio – Sorry I’m Sold…

I just arrived at the Miller Piano Showroom and I am very excited! I am approximately 44” tall and a nice French Provincial Styling. I am in a Medium finish and taken extreme care of for the past 10-12 year of my life. I was bought new from the Miller’s […]


Bergmann Grand Piano teaser

Used Hyundai – POLISHED EBONY!

Hello! I am Ms. Hyundai… I am a beautiful polished ebony, continental styling and stand 42” tall… I have a matching bench and in desperate need of a new home… My family traded me last week for a baby grand, but I have been well loved. I was built in […]


polished ebony Hyundai upright piano teaser image

Used Kimball Grand – 5’8″ – SOLD

I am a Kimball grand piano.  I measure in around 5’8” and still play very well……I was traded for a different color and will be a great buy for someone looking for a big sound and beautiful cabinet…… Stop by and give me a try…… Mrs. Kimball


Kimball Grand Piano in brown teaser image

Used Kawaii Studio Vertical – SOLD

They call me Mr. Kawai and I am from 1996… I am a full 45” studio in a satin black finish with dual castors for easy movement and play extremely well.  I was traded for a larger piano last week and am looking for a new owner! Thanks… Mr. Kawai


Kawaii studio vertical in black teaser image

Used Vose & Sons Grand Piano – SOLD

I am a beautiful piece of furniture, but as a musical instrument… I am not.  It will take more money to fix me up than to buy a new one, so I am here for looks.  I was made around 1927 and someone took great pains in making the cover […]


vose and sons grand piano

Used William Knabe Grand Piano “SOLD”

I am one of the greats!  I am older, but my rich tones in my 6’4” rosewood finished case still ring true.  I was built in Baltimore, Maryland in the grand old U.S. of A. with great care.  My owners are down sizing and have moved so I’m just a […]


William Knabe and Company maker's mark