roland v piano grand

We are proud to have Roland representative, Joey Arata, at Miller Piano Specialists to educate us on the Roland V-Grand Piano! This will be a great session on Roland technology and how this piano was designed for many different functions! Come join us on Saturday, May 16th, at 9 am….Please make reservations by calling 615-771-0020.

The V-Piano Grand soars above the limitations of past technologies with its revolutionary “living” piano core, allowing every note to respond and evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly. With the V-Piano Grand, there is no velocity switching or looping, resulting in smooth, natural notes that must be heard to be believed. Organic, natural, beautiful — the V-Piano Grand is a dream to play.

Unlike any instrument before, the V-Piano Grand’s built-in sound system employs intelligent multi-channel audio technology that fills the room with amazing spatial sound in which the player and audience may not be aware of the existence of speakers. Each and every component of the piano sound is allocated to the appropriate location immediately, changing fluidly and naturally based on the performance.

From the player’s perspective, hammer-clicks sound closer, for example, and ringing strings are at a distance. Each element is allocated intelligently in real time to create a wide, multi-dimensional sound space. This sound image is true to the player’s perspective, as well as to listeners. Furthermore, sound spaces are uniquely created for each piano model. This amazing feature is unique to the V-Piano Grand.