Wonderful night on June 6th at Miller Piano Showroom and Wild Wings Cafe. Thanks to Debra Sheridon for the photos and all the artist, labels, management and our Roland representative, Joey for being there! Also all the wonderful singers, writers and musicians that made it all possible! Miller Piano is proud to support you in your careers!

Clarke Bynum on piano

Clarke Bynum… Performing original classical pieces… we are soooo proud of you!

Dakota and Vicki at Wild Wings Cafe

Dakota and Vicki… enjoying the music and some great food… oh and planning a senior trip!

Dera selecting music

Dera, selecting her song


Dera… from Vision Records… singing Crazy… with special guest, pianist… Dean Slocum… who played with Debra Allen and Crystal Gayle to name a few…

Eric Bikales and Special guest Dean Slocum

Eric and Special guest Dean Slocum

Hal Stephens with special guest

Hal Stephens with special guest on Yamaha C7 performing on Thursday… Very entertaining!

Hal Stephens

Hal Stephens at our after party at Wild Wings Cafe


An emotional time… our friend Jesse (with our co sponsor Music and Arts) has been doing our sound since the beginning of this venture. He is leaving us … but only because he was accepted to law school… We are proud of you, but will miss you a bunch!

Makky and pianist Eric Bikales

Makky and pianist Eric Bikales… who will be releasing a new solo piano project soon!

Makky Kaylor performing

Makky Kaylor performing some great tunes for us… written for Conley, and the Gatlins… grab his book too… Confessions of a session singer!

Makky Kaylor

Makky Kaylor… Jamming after the show with our co sponsor… Wild Wings…

pushing "like"

Everyone pushing “like” on their phones!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Rachel Rodreguez

Rachel Rodreguez… singing at our after party… new childrens album coming out soon!

Rachel, Makky and Sherry

Rachel, Makky and Sherry… acting crazy… music and fun… they just seem to go with Miller… and Wild Wings…

Robert Bond

Robert Bond… fantastic drummer playing for the MIller Piano after party at Wild Wings…